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Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver Blog
Sunday, 3 May 2009
A Facebook story that?s hard to believe ...

one of the six photos from the Bonus Chi-Sau Class at Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver At the end of March after a bonus class for the trainer team of Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver I transferred all photos taken during the class from the memory stick of my wife’s camera (which I had used instead of mine) to the computer and uploaded the better shots to FaceBook. I deleted most of the photos, but for some reason left six photos from our Chi-Sau bonus class on the memory stick.

Well, we kept taking family pictures. Easter Monday came. The family went out for a trip to Iona beach near the Vancouver airport, took the camera and took many good shots.

I planned an extra evening class for all members of Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver.
The evening came, we searched all backpacks, the car, the kids’ stuff, the entire house. The camera was gone. Days went by. We checked craigslist. Nothing! It looked like we were going to have to come to terms with the fact that the camera was gone, more importantly hundreds of family photos and also personal videoclips the kids had recorded for Grandma’s birthday. This was the most upsetting part.

About two weeks had gone by since Easter Monday. A Facebook message is waiting for me. Hmm, I don’t know the person. So, he writes: “A camera came flying out of a car that was in front of me as I was driving home during Easter Monday. ... there were also some Wing Tsun photos on there and they are the exact same pictures as the last 6 photos that are in your "2009 Chi-Sau bonus classes" photo album on your Facebook. ... I am wondering if you can assist me in identifying the driver so that I may return the camera.”

Yes, we have to admit, we have no idea how the camera could be flying out of the car window. This might forever remain a mystery.
But, what are the odds, someone in traffic at a busy intersection notices a camera flying out of a car?
What are the odds that the person actually stops and picks up that camera?
What are the odds, that that person is interested in Kung Fu and has seen my photo albums on Facebook?
Why did I leave the six photos of the last Bonus Chi-Sau class on the memory stick and not delete them as I did with all the other pictures?
Few only would make an effort now to track down the person, whom the camera might belong to.
Furthermore, I saw that the finder is on Facebook connected with one of my wife’s co-workers, another lifeguard. What are the odds?

Everybody, who I have told the story, commented more less, that if they would read this kind of story in a book, they would respond” Yeah right, this doesn’t happen in real life!”

Not being “into it” as I am, my wife always said: “Facebook sucks.”  It doesn’t anymore. (she never understood how people could spend so much time telling other people every little thing during their day, she really doesn’t want to know when anyone else needs to go to the bathroom or if they have decided to brush their teeth for the 10th time).

A big Thanks to the honest and helpful finder of our camera. Maybe this will be an inspiration to others.

Posted by ralph haenel at 9:38 PM PDT

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