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Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver Blog
Sunday, 8 August 2010
Part 8 of 9 - Interview with WingTsun grandmaster Leung Ting

Interview with WingTsun grandmaster Leung Ting

Health & Lifestyle Channel
Hostess Zhao Ling
Hong Kong Cable TV Channel # 27

Interview part 8 of 9 - Translation by Tony Leung* of Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver

*The opinions and views expressed are those of the authors and participants of the TV show and do not necessarily state or reflect the views of the trainer team at Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver.

LT: You can work out the numbers based on the average of how many students per school, right.  It is close to 1 million people.   If they say 2 million that is BS.

Host: One member of the audience writes that “Sifu, your martial arts skills is truly amazing”.  “Compliments to your toe-soon as well”.  Their martial arts skills are amazing too.  Another member of the audience asks, “Does Wing Tsun have 9 moves 22 patterns?

LT:  Nine moves and twenty two patterns? I have never heard of such a thing.

Host: Ah…. Never heard of it. (laughing). Must be from TV (fiction show).  Another person writes, “ Wing Tsun is suitable for women’s self defense ”?

LT: You could say that.

Host: Another member of the audience writes, “ Are your guests eagerly anticipating the Yip Man movie staring Tony Leung Chiu-Wai?  Compared to Donnie Yen’s films, which movie seem more realistic and representative of GM Yip Man’s life”?

LT: I won’t (movie) review this. I am not a movie critic.

Host:  A different member of the audience writes “Both WT and Taiji are based on the principle of “using gentle power to subdue force, right”?

LT: Correct. But WT, we are more simplified.  How are we considered simplified/direct?  It is because we (WT) are attacking through out.

Host: So Chi Sau it builds up to an attack?

LT:  Correct. You can see that each action is an attack.  But when we attack….  most important is to learn how to control. So our goal is not to teach you to bully others, but to teach you so that you cannot be bullied. This is WT’s goal.  So our association does not take students if we feel that are not of good character.

Host: Then are you like GM Yip Man with his four “Don’t Teach Rules”?  No rich student, No poor student, No dumb students and No Smart Students? Your selection process is like this too?

LT: Actually are requirements are a bit less complicated.  We don’t have the “four no’s”. Most important is we don’t teach persons of bad character.

Host:  I know  … I have seen the news report which said that Sifu Leung Ting that you emphasize the martial moral martial code.  So you won’t teach persons of poor moral character.

LT: Yes. This is has always been my principle. I feel that no matter if it is learning/practicing WT or any other activities, right?   Learning it is for ourselves and for self defense to prevent others from bullying us.  Right?  Otherwise if you are learning it to bully others then you don’t need to learn martial arts.  Right?  That has always been my principle.  Also towards my kungfu nephews and kungfu grand children, I teach them that sometimes that we must have (“wong hun han leung”)  our limits.   Must have our bearable limits.   I don’t just teach them martial arts. I train their minds as well (Hard to translate this. But he is saying he tells his followers to be morally upright.   Oh the irony!)

Host:  Ah Ming and also Bun Jai. Have you both ever encountered any angry situations where you must fight?  Where you absolutely must fight.  Where there is no choice. Have you ever?

Ah Ming (Lee Man Ming): No. No in Hong Kong.

Host: Not in Hong Kong, then where?  In Mainland China

Ah Ming:  In Mainland China.

Host:  Did you fight?

Ah Ming: I did not.

Host:  So since you’ve learned martial arts, there no opportunity to use it. Have there been times where you have used it?

Ah Ming: In the instructors class can spar.

LT:  They spar with each other in exercises.

Host: In real life you don’t have the chance to use your martial arts on anyone?

Ah Ming: No.

Host:  How about on your boy friend?  When he has gotten you upset, would you beat him up?

Ah Ming: No.

Host: You wouldn’t beat up your boy friend?

Ah Ming: No. He is very nice.

Host:  I think it is great that girls learn WT.  It is great method of women’s self defense as stated by a member of the audience.  So Ah-Ming, do you agree that this is a good form of self defense for women?

Ah-Ming:  Yes.  I can demonstrate for you to see. (She turns around to face Robin)

Host: He pretends to be the rapist /molester.  How are you going to defend yourself (Ah Ming makes a double jut sau and biu tze to the eyes of Robin)

Host: Wow! So fast!

Robin: Slow motion. First I am trying to attack her chest.

Host: (giving a verbal description of the motion) Before the attack reaches target then you’ve cut down on his arms and then pokes his eyes.   So fast!   You don’t need to Chi-sau first?  (LT, Ah Ming and Robin all say “NO”)

LT: In actual combat ..(interrupted by host)

Host: ….you don’t need to chi-sau first?

LT:  You attack right away.

Host: Ah. You attack right away?

Ah – Ming: Yes.

Host: So these are the techniques that you teach?  Those who don’t know kungfu won’t know the technique.  So you (Robin) knew the technique?

Robin: Yes.

Host: So what happens when a rapist comes from behind to grab you?  (Ah Ming demonstrates on Robin with an elbow)

LT:  (Laughing)…direct hit in one move

Host: Just like that?  What happens if he continues?  (Ah Ming turns around with a low elbow punch)   How do you kick his lower body?

LT: We don’t need to kick the lower body.

Ah Ming : No need.

LT:  Wing Tsun is very polite.   We don’t kick people down there and grab their lower….

Host: So such “polite” moves are enough, eh?

LT: Polite but deadly methods.

Host:  There are many interesting photos that contain fight scenes. I have seen some that … you have knives.  That is you.  You are not wearing glases.

LT: That is when I was young. That is me.  Yes. I did not wear glasses.

Host: Looking like Bruce Lee.

LT:   Now I am an old guy. Bruce Lee was more handsome than me.

Host: This one has fighting.

LT: That was when I was young.  1969 April…(interrupted by host)

Host: A competiton?

LT: No. No. In front… kicking was me.  In the background is GM Yip Man.  This was when I was in Baptist College.  I organized the first Chi Sau and Demonstration event.  See I kicked the opponent flying.  See it?

Host: The one wearing glasses is you?  That was not fighting, right?

LT: No. A demonstration.

Host: I see many of you photos holding knives … (interrupted by LT)

LT: This is Hungarian legislature….one of my kungfu nephews…a elected member of the legislature who is now minister of public security

Host: Wow. (looking at photo of double knives against 6.5 point pole).

LT: That is WT two weapons. On the right is me and on the left is …(interrupted by host).

Host: WT also use weapons?

LT: We also have. One long pole…. (looking at new photo).  This is …

Host: Masked Rider / Kamen Rider? (a very famous Japanese sci fi super hero – hostess trying to make a joke here).

LT:  No. This is European special forces.  The masked guy before he learned WT was already 2nd or 3rd dan black belt Karate champion. Later he learned WT. Many European Special Forces use WT.

Host: A lot of your followers already have a heavy martial arts back ground. You must be very good otherwise how can you control them?

LT: Yes. That is why..… This is in Hungary group photo.  In the white clothes is me and in the black clothing is the head Hungary instructor.  Behind are his students.   Here is me teaching the Hungary army Special Forces.  I am teaching them killing techniques.  Look at those in the front……now look at the one wearing a mask.  He is European special forces.  He just gave me a trophy.  He was Shorinryu Karate champion and later learned WT and is now 5 level.

Host: These Special Forces all have a martial arts background

LT: Yes. They all have a martial arts back ground.  So before they were taught WT they are already capable of beating people to death.

Host: Wow.  These pictures are so interesting.  You have many photos of taken of you with GM Yip Man.   Who are they?

LT: Jin Zidan (Donnie Yen) and Zhong Liti (Christie Chung).

Host: Zhong Liti knows kung fu?

LT: She took 10 days of lessons with me for a TV station program/movie.  She came to me to seek instruction.

LT:  This is Big Brother Cheng Long (Jackie Chan).  He came to visit me in my school.

Host:  He already knew WT?

LT:  He….

Host: What kungfu does he know?

LT: He knows a lot of various kungfu

Host: For making movies?

LT: For making movies.

Host: He is not originally WT background?

LT: He knows a little of everything.   As you know, for making movies, authenticity is not important because but what is attractive to the audience that is important.

Host: This is ….

LT:  This is one of my early students. Mok Man Wai - Karen Mok.  I know her whole family quite well.

Host: Does she know kungfu

LT: When she was really little she learned from my most senior student.  Later she learned from me.

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