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Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver Blog
Tuesday, 29 August 2017

I wish I could!
Wing Tsun – Fitness – Running - Swimming
False excuses vs. the principles of enjoyment

The following is not limited to Wing Tsun. You can extend the problem many of us face to fitness classes, running meetups, swimming classes and just about any physical activity.

Just recently I met one of our former students at Costco. Beginning with:
“Oh, I really miss my Wing Tsun training. I am almost aching to get back to some Chi-Sau or even just chain-punches. Miss the fun and the exhausting seminars.”
and the conversation went on to: “Is so and so still in class?”
I replied: “Yes.”
He asked: “What’s new?”
I answered: “We just had a big seminar, this past weekend now a long pole workshop for the advanced members. Now there is yet another open-air class coming up for all to attend. Had some really great group classes, doing private lessons.”
He responded: “Wow, so jealous, you really enjoy what you do.”
I told him: “Hey, simply drop by, once in a while, whenever you can.”
He said: “Oh, I wish I could.”
Me: “Why? What’s the matter?”
He: “Too little time. It’s not enough to get good.”

We all have busy schedules, juggle life, work, career, family, free time, hobbies, goals, dreams.
Now imagine:

You can go dancing, but only once every four weeks. Not enough? Wouldn’t go dancing at all?
Of course, you would!

Fancy a nice dinner? (insert your favourite food) Busy in the evenings with baby, new job? Every now and then, one evening. Wouldn’t you go for that one dinner, once in a while?
Of course, you would!

Invited to a party (bbq, wedding, wine tasting, etc). Too little time? Your schedule opened up for that very evening or Sunday afternoon. Wouldn’t go, because you usually don’t have time.
Of course, you would!

We know the four Wing Tsun fighting and the four strength principles, a beginner often learns.
1. Go forward
2. Stay with what comes
3. Yield to a greater force
4. Follow through

1. Free yourself from your own tensions
2. Free yourself from the overwhelming strength of the attacker
3. Learn to use the strength of the attacker
4. Add your own strength

Right now, I am not talking about validity or different interpretation of these principles. Just look at your own motivation and self-imposed burden of excuses. Become aware that you sometimes simply make choices not to train (Wing Tsun, fitness, running, swimming, …)

1. Find out, what got you started in the first place
2. Recognize your own choices
3. Free yourself from false excuses
4. Rekindle the fun-part in your activity

Let’s call them the four enjoyment principles. Somebody else told me, to call it the “Four principles of success”. What do you think?

Go to your martial arts class.
Do your fitness routine.
Go running in nature.
Swim a few rounds in the pool.

Too little? Who cares. Enjoy life when you can. Don’t cheat yourself with false excuses.
I wish I could? You can! You really do. But you must chose to do so. 

Enjoy the moment. Don’t put the pressure of having to succeed at something on you. Have fun!

Got back to the initial conversation in this post. What did he say? Read it again! He said: “Miss the fun …”

Think about that!

Here are four of my older, yet very relevant blog posts.

1. "In pain, can’t train?
Sixty-two year old Ilse, plus 3 other examples tell you to do something.
Don’t wait for the perfect day."

2. “To Kung Fu or not Kung Fu! -
Should I train with injuries?”

3. “Missed Classes?
Don't know how to restart?
Problem getting going?
Listen to Rocky Balboa.”

4. “Yesterday you said tomorrow!”

Posted by ralph haenel at 2:39 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, 29 August 2017 2:47 PM PDT

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