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ralph haenel, hänelwingtsun, wing tsun kung fu instructor, author, publisher, self-defense expert Sifu Ralph Haenel, learning and teaching Wing Tsun Kung Fu since 1984
Changing lives, one punch at a time.
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Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver Blog
Friday, 23 March 2007
Vancouver video, Kung Fu at the beach, Hall of Fame
Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver was founded in 1994 as the first Canadian Wing Tsun branch. We had the pleasure to greet in our school over the past years many friendly, open-minded WT "tourists" from Germany, Italy, Denmark, England, Bulgaria, Switzerland and other countries. Been here? Miss Vancouver? Find a great videoclip at the web site of the City of Vancouver. Or check out some of the local web cams.
I know it's currently raining without an end in sight, but nevertheless Spring is here. Soon we'll be holding our annual Free Open Air Class at Kitsilano Beach.
New season, new shirts. For T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, Sweatshirts, hooded Sweatshirts and more check out our online store at http://www.wingtsunkungfuwear.com/ (www.cafepress.com/wingtsunkungfu). Choose from a variety of Wing Tsun Kung Fu apparel.
In the early 90's I started to teach a class of students in a previous heavily guarded sports center in former East Berlin. Some participants seemed somewhat familiar, until I found out that several of the new students had belonged to the former Olympic Gymnastic team of the GDR. Among them Maxi Gnauck, Gold medalist Olympic Games 1980, 3 times Worldcup champion, 5 times World champion, 4 times European champion. She was introduced into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 2000.
It's never too late to start your training!

Posted by ralph haenel at 12:50 AM PDT
Updated: Friday, 23 March 2007 8:47 AM PDT
Thursday, 22 March 2007
Newsletter, Photos, Open House and WingTsun-ChiKung
All members of Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver can sign in at the online 'members only' area and download the Newsletter for March.

The next Open House has been scheduled for Monday, April 23rd and Wednesday, April 25th (7-10pm). The special Open House web site with extensive FAQ can be found at www.FreeSelfDefenseClasses.com.

---> Important Dates:
- Monday, April 2nd, 7-10pm, WingTsun-ChiKung class part 1 Siu-Nim-Tau form
- Monday, April 9th, NO group class, enjoy the long Easter weekend
- Monday, April 16th, 7-10pm, WingTsun-ChiKung class part 2 Cham-Kiu form
here for more information on our WingTsun-ChiKung classes.

Our online Photo Album has been updated.

How important is Self-Defense today? Can a healthy confidence and self-control be a center part? Read the interesting Vancouver Sun article: "Why is everyone so darn angry?"

Posted by ralph haenel at 11:31 AM PDT
Updated: Thursday, 22 March 2007 11:49 AM PDT
Wednesday, 21 March 2007
Books, Blogs and Newsletters
I received another shipment of softcover books "The Reality of Self-Defense". Copies are available for sale during group class, private lessons or at the upcoming Seminar Weekend. Find many readers opinions and reviews at www.selfdefensebookreviews.com.
I am confident that the special hardcover edition will arrive very soon. Thanks for your patience.
I have just started our online Photo Album. Many pictures will follow over the next weeks.
Find a nutrition video at Steve's blog at www.stevemcminn.com.
Our Vancouver students have access to a online 'members only' area. Besides links to many video clips, find ton's of previous newsletters for download also featuring articles about footwork, phases of a fight, Wing Tsun punching methods and more.
Welcome back Adrian, who just rejoined our classes after returning from 2 years in Europe.

Posted by ralph haenel at 11:15 AM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 21 March 2007 11:35 AM PDT
Tuesday, 20 March 2007
Wing Tsun Kung Fu Seminar Weekend on Vancouver Island
Part 1 - Saturday, March 31st 2007, 2-6pm in Langford
Part 2 - Sunday, April 1st 2007, 9am-1pm in Victoria

The two-day weekend seminar will run under the topic "The Complete Core Concepts of Wing Tsun Kung Fu.” Realize the blueprint behind the first four Wing Tsun forms. Why are the forms in the order they have been passed down through the generations? It's a great opportunity to learn to think differently about the continuous learning process in Wing Tsun. Find all the information on our special web site at: http://realisticselfdefense.tripod.com/wingtsunkungfu_weekend.html

Posted by ralph haenel at 11:54 AM PDT
Updated: Thursday, 22 March 2007 11:50 AM PDT

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